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30 Jun 2016

Sicasso Wheels


At Sicasso we are focused on bicycle technology that enables you to ride FASTER first and foremost – that’s it; After all isn’t that what all the hyped Acronyms are supposed to do?

Unnecessary technology is more about creating a point of difference (Marketing) & assigning an acronym than making a better wheel.

At Sicasso our sole purpose is to create a better wheel, a faster wheel and an enduring wheel. Wheels with A esthetic appeal YES, but not at cost of function or performance.

Sicasso’s initial technical assessment was on carbon wheels.The latest technology was assessed and we found there were many areas where improvements could be made.

Clear thinking people ask questions & don’t automatically believe what they read.

So we asked some questions like:

  • Why mold spoke holes & be reliant on a variable resin curing process when you can precisely CNC machine spoke holes within a 1000th of an inch?
  • Why would a rough surface for anything that is not a golf ball be more aerodynamic than a surface that is seamless& smooth? After all, the most streamlined, aerodynamic & fast things known have smooth surfaces!
  • Why don't airplanes, submarines & dolphins have dimples?
  • Why no dedicated brake surface?
  • How to improve brake performance?
  • How is heat dissipated?
  • How to lower rolling resistance?
  • So many questions right!

Inevitably this lead to a question; How would we do it differently or better?

We wanted a product that Performed, turned heads &incorporated the latest technology.

Sicasso, is a play on a name, the artist Picasso, who once said. Quote: "Art is a lie that tells us the truth".

Sicasso is all about discovering the TRUTH. Our aim is to develop products with the latest technology & develop new technology where needed.
As we see it the world is a KNOWLEDGE BANK to help make our ideas a reality.We knew what we needed & then identified the best suppliers in the world.
We seek TRUTH in our wheel sets. Every aspect of the design will have a function, are as on for being there,& not just because it looks good

It’s about you the rider getting the best outcome from your efforts & these wheels answered our questions. Our rimsREWARD EFFORToptimum output with every pedal stroke, every hour trained. Your Blood, Sweat & Tears

That is our promise, the SICASSO mantra

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