We are a speciality bike store & this is our point of difference

If you have not visited us for a while, we have moved across the road to Shop 4/439 Docklands Drive (access via Glenti Place & 15min free parking in front of the store). Our Pro-mechanics are meticulous in their work practises and has consistently achieved 5 star reviews. Our workshop routinely works on high end groupsets, and are experts in tuning bikes to perfection. A skill well known to our customers and the race teams we service.

When purchasing a road bike, you will compare brands, designs, geometry and groupsets. After you have decided on a bike, you begin to compare prices between stores, and this is where our point of difference begins.

Our experienced team will guide you along this path. We are able to offer you advice for your riding style, the most suitable components for what you need, as well as fit you to the correct sized bike.

Bikes, unlike cars do not come fully assembled and ready to ride away. The bike manufacturers do not offer precise instructions on assembly and tuning, and this is largely left to the discretion of the bike mechanic.

Like a fine musical instrument, eg violin, bikes require tuning. Road bikes are high performance machines. They require an experienced bike mechanic to achieve perfect ratios, angles and shifting. A Pro-mechanic can build your bike to ensure wear/tear components last their full life.

A lesser experience mechanic may not have such refined techniques and foresee future problems. This could affect how your bike performs, wear components quicker and lead your to have a less than optimal experience.

Our bike builds can take up to 4-5 hours, as every detail is carefully considered, every cable is cut to optimal length for shifting & to minimise drag, every component is built on a perfect angle for balance and the gears are tuned for optimal performance. All bikes are built with care and treated like it was our own.

We can build bikes in a fraction of this time, but these details will be overlooked in the process.

Not all bike stores have Pro-mechanics, we can assure you, the same bike purchased from another store will not be built in the same manner as a bike from our store and it will ride differently too.

The untrained eye may not spot the difference, but we have seen many builds from other stores where, things have just been thrown together, some even unsafe. This maybe due to lack of experience or time constraints.

When you are quoted for a cheaper price, be mindful that you maybe sacrificing the quality of your bike build for the dollars you save, and in hindsight, it may have cost you more in the long term to have an inexperienced mechanic build your bike or rush the job.

We have had to rebuild a number of new bikes from other stores, some only a few days old. We do feel for these customers, and not only have they had a poor experience with their new bike, they have had to pay for their "New" bike to be rebuilt.

With an great sales team and pro-mechanics to assist you and to provide ongoing support, our store has a unique offering. We can assure you that you will be well looked after and receive value for money.

Choose a speciality bike store with the right team for your next bike purchase, custom build, upgrade or bike service. Let us help you find your perfect bike and support you for all your cycling needs. Contact our sales team for more information or to book in a service in our workshop.