At Bike Force Docklands, we care about communities, sustainability and the environment. In our journey, we have been fortunate to meet 2 groups of great people who have similar mind sets. Old bicycles can offer a rural community transport, freedom to an individual and joy for a child. Your junk can be someone's treasure. Both groups will gladly take old bikes to restore, or to strip for parts. They then repair them and give them to those in need. We support them and hope that you consider supporting too!

Footscray Community Bike Shed

Footscray Community Bike Shed is a non for profit group run entirely by volunteers. They restore donated bicycles in Footscray and give them for free to children and those members of our community in need. Check them out on their Facebook page. What great work!

Bicycles for Humanity Melbourne

Bikes for Humanity Melbourne is a unique grass roots non-profit organisation. They take old bikes - restore them, then ship them to communities around Australia and the World. They give them to communities who are in need. The shipping container is then turned into a workshop to provide locals with skills to to keep the community sustainable. Their work has benefited many!